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The UG2000D and UG2000DM spray gun cleaners are the best value on the market today.

Both Models Share The Following Features:

  • Top loading. Cleans 2 spray guns in under 2 minutes.
  • Washing is activated by a wash timer and powered by a long-lasting dual-diaphragm pump that outputs 3.7 gallons of solvent per minute.
  • Wash Tank is constructed from stainless steel for longer life. The tank size is 17.25″ w x 13.5″ d x 14″ h.
  • Mounting adapters fit popular conventional cup systems and disposable cup systems to deliver solvent to thoroughly flush the paint channel.
  • 14 swirl action jets deliver cleaning solvent to wash overspray from the spray guns.
  • Threaded air caps keep the air passage of the spray gun dry.
  • Pump halts immediately, if the lid is raised during cleaning, to prevent exposure to solvent, providing a safe operation.
  • Stainless steel mesh filter keeps solvent cleaner and debris from reaching the diaphragm pump.
  • CE Approved.


UG2000DM Spray Gun Cleaner

  • In addition to the features above, the UG2000DM has a Flow-through brush for additional manual washing. The brush is especially useful for removing hardened paint. The bristles and handle are constructed from solvent resistant polypropylene.
  • The flow of solvent through the brush is activated by a foot pedal and powered by a  2″ dual diaphragm pump. Flow is adjustable.

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UG2000D, UG2000DM

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