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UG5000W is our most popular spray gun cleaner. Spray guns for primers and clear coat paints are cleaned in the solvent tank and spray guns for waterborne base coat are cleaned in the water tank. The UG5000W meets all the spray gun cleaning needs of the shop in one cabinet. One work station is more efficient than 2 separate work  stations. The shop saves space and the uses one less airline.

Solvent Tank (Left Side)

The automatic cleaning cycle in the solvent tank consists of automatic wash using the 4″ diaphragm pump, air rinse and clean rinse. The Flow-through brush is used to remove hardened over spray from the spray gun.


    • Place the spray gun on the mounting adapter in the cleaning tank and turn the automatic timer. A 4 inch diaphragm pump drives solvent up through 1) the mounting adapters to flush the paint channel of the spray gun and 2) through 14 spray jets to  wash over spray from the outside of the gun. Solvent drains back into the wash pail, for reuse, a green approach.
    • Press the air rinse button to flush the wash solvent and then press the clean rinse button to send 100 CC of clean solvent through the jets to rinse the spray guns. Two guns are cleaned in 1 minutes.


Water Tank (Right Side)

UG5000w Spray Gun Cleaners Manual cleaning consists of flushing the paint channel with the water gun, washing the overspray from the gun with the brush and drying the gun with the blow gun.



  • The painter flushes the spray gun using the water gun into a supplied, stainless steel EPA 6H compliant spray capture tube in under 10 seconds. Most painters can get around 30 spray gun cleanings from the 5 gallons of clean, AQUA KLEEN enriched water. The flow-through brush removes overspray and the blow gun dries the spray gun. Dirty water drains into a reservoir and is later treated with COAGKLEEN FP then filtered. The clean filtered water is reused for cleaning spray guns.
  • Requires minimum of 85 PSI, 2 CFM of clean dry air. Pressure regulator is built in.
  • Pump for automatic solvent wash: 4″ dual diaphragm pump with unique shuttle valve for long life, output is 3.7 gal/min (14 L/min).
    • Pump for water gun and brush is a 2″ dual diaphragm pump with unique shuttle valve for long life, output is 1.9 gal/min (7 L/min).
    • Cleans solventborne and waterborne paints from spray guns.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 47″w x 17″d x 47″h (119cmW x 43cmD x 119cmH) Shipping Weight:  190 lb.
    • Product Dimensions: 43.2″w x 13.6″d x 43.0″h (110cmW x 34.5cmD x 110.0cmH)


Lower disposal costs since the water can be reused several times before disposal. Shop Operations becomes “Greener”.

To use, add 2 scoops of COAG-KLEEN FP powder per 5 gal (20L) of spent water. Agitate for 5 minutes then drain through the Uni-ram COAG-KLEEN FP filter system. It removes the absorbed waste paint solids from the water used to clean spray guns.

  1. Primary Filter Pad: 102-8125
  2. Secondary Filter Pad: 102-8126


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Weight 190 lbs

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