Uni-ram Corporation

The Leading Manufacturer of Spray Gun Cleaners, Solvent Recyclers and Part Washers.


 Have a look at Uni-ram’s newest part washer:  UPW400.

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Environmentally Friendly Products

The environmental footprint of a shop improves with Uni-ram products.

Environmentally Friendly Equipment include Spray Gun Cleaners and Part Washers that reuse solvent until dirty. Solvent Recyclers recycle used solvents to provide clean solvent for reuse. With this equipment, the shop generates less hazardous solvent waste, decreasing the environmental footprint of the shop. 

Uni-ram Dustless Sanding Vacuums capture sanding dust to keep  shop air clean. The UR007 Sandblaster captures blasting media and debris to keep  shop air clean.  Clean air provides employees with a healthy environment.

Trash compactors and filter crushers crush materials to reduce waste size and save space in the dumpster and land fill site.

Our Strength is Quality

We focus on quality every day to provide our customers with products that are reliable and long lasting. Uni-ram is proud of its Quality and we stand behind our products.

It Starts with Engineering

Products are designed to perform to the needs of the shop’s most demanding professional. Original thinking sets Uni-ram apart in the market place. As paint and cleaning technology changes in the shops Uni-ram Engineering innovates to meet the challenge. Uni-ram holds many patents on its innovative designs.  Uni-ram invented the automatic spray gun cleaner in 1986.

A Global Leader

Shop professionals in industry and in paint and body shops use Uni-ram products to do their work better and faster. Over 20,000 solvent recyclers and 60,000 spray gun cleaners have been shipped to end users in over 37 countries since we started in business in 1980. Relationships with many international distributors exceed 25 years.

Uni-ram solvent recyclers are  certified by SGS Fimko Oy (formerly BASEEFA) to international safety standards  IECEX and ATEX.  They are also certified by ETL to safety standards UL2208 in USA and CSA 22.2 no. 30 and 88 in Canada.