Secure Shopping with Uni-ram Corporation

At Uni-ram Corporation, your security is our top priority. We understand the importance of keeping your personal information safe while shopping online. Below are some essential tips and guidelines to ensure your online shopping experience is secure and worry-free.

1. Use Strong, Unique Usernames and Passwords

It’s crucial to use different, strong passwords for each of your accounts, even though remembering them all can be challenging. Using the same password for multiple sites makes it easier for hackers to access your entire digital life. A single data breach at any site puts all your accounts at risk.

  • Avoid easily guessable passwords like “password123,” “98765,” or your mobile phone number.
  • Keep track of websites requiring your email address as the user ID. Ensure that your email account has strong security and unique recovery information.
  • Do not share your pins and passwords, and change your passwords frequently. A great way to manage multiple, complex passwords is by using a vault or password manager.


2. Use Passphrases Instead of Passwords

Passphrases can be more secure than traditional passwords. They are longer and often easier to remember while being harder for hackers to guess.


3. Test Hyperlinks Before Clicking

Scammers often use deceptive hyperlinks in online ads or emails to trick you into visiting illegitimate sites. To protect yourself:

  • Hover over links to see the full URL and ensure it directs you to a legitimate site.
  • If unsure about a link’s authenticity, do not click it. Instead, use your browser to navigate to the brand’s official website.


4. Look Out for Red Flags in Emails

Scammers frequently target people with phishing emails, especially during busy times like the holiday season. These emails often appear to be from your favorite brands but have telltale signs that they are fake:

  • Check the sender’s email address for slight variations from the official handle.
  • Look for misspelled brand names, typos, and bad grammar.
  • Before opening, ask yourself if you are expecting such an email and if you recognize the sender’s address.

At Uni-ram Corporation, we take security seriously. If you are a security researcher and would like to report a potential security vulnerability in our online services, please submit your findings to our security team for review and investigation. We will acknowledge receipt of your report as soon as possible and may contact you for additional information during our investigation.

Reporting Guidelines:

  • Provide all essential details for our team to reproduce your issue to expedite the process.
  • We will confirm the existence of any vulnerability and share remediation steps taken.
  • After validating and fixing the vulnerability, we seek to recognize researchers whenever possible. However, public disclosure of vulnerabilities requires Uni-ram Corporation’s express written consent.
  • If your report involves a third-party vendor, we will forward the report to that vendor.
  • Note that Uni-ram Corporation does not offer monetary rewards for vulnerability submissions.


Prohibited Activities:

  • Publicly disclosing the potential vulnerability without Uni-ram Corporation’s consent.
  • Accessing any guest data or accounts other than your own.
  • Modifying, exposing, or exfiltrating any guest data or accounts.
  • Compromising the privacy or safety of our guests or team members.
  • Compromising the intellectual property of Uni-ram Corporation.
  • Testing any applications or services not owned by us.
  • Submitting a high volume of low-quality reports.
  • Submitting reports to Uni-ram through any method other than the designated form.
  • Submitting low-severity issues with no clearly defined security impact.
  • Failing to immediately delete/destroy sensitive information you may inadvertently access.

We are committed to ensuring a secure shopping experience for all our customers. For more information on protecting yourself online and reporting security concerns, please visit our website.