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Benefits of Uniram UPC1215 Cup And Can Washer:

EPA regulation in many states, including California, specifies that containers must be free from flowing paint to be considered non-hazardous waste. Shops wash disposable cups and paint cans in the UPC1215 before placing them in the dumpster in order to comply with this EPA Regulation.


Disposable Cups to clean are placed on nozzles in the right cleaning tank. Paint cans are cleaned in the left tank. The Timer for each tank activates the diaphragm pump to drive solvent through nozzles to clean the inside of cups, lids and cans. The flow-through solvent brush for manual cleaning is activated by a foot pedal.


  • Dimensions are 34″w x17″d x 42″h.
  • Model UPC1215CR is a UPC1215 with a pail set designed for connection to a Uni-ram solvent recycler.Used solvent can be recycled for reuse in the Cup Washer.

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Weight 91 lbs

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