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FAQs - General Questions About Uniram
Where can I get machines or parts?

A: Check our web site for your local distributor listing.

Local Representative

Why we using Solvent recyclers ?

Reduced Dependency on Virgin Solvents:

By recycling solvents, businesses can reduce their reliance on virgin (new) solvent purchases. This can be particularly advantageous during supply chain disruptions or fluctuations in solvent prices.

Environmental Benefits:

By recycling solvents, businesses can minimize their environmental impact. Instead of disposing of used solvent, which can be harmful to the environment if not handled properly, solvent recyclers help reduce hazardous waste generation and promote sustainability.

Cost Savings:

Solvents can be expensive, especially when used in large quantities for industrial processes. Solvent recyclers allow businesses to reclaim and reuse solvent that would otherwise be discarded as waste. This significantly reduces solvent purchase and disposal costs over time.

Check with our saving Calculator:

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Why choose Uni-Ram?


Many solvent recyclers offer customization options to meet specific industry needs. They can be tailored to handle different types of solvents, adjust recycling parameters, and integrate seamlessly into existing industrial processes.

Customer Support:

Uni-Ram is committed to providing excellent customer support. From product selection and installation to maintenance and troubleshooting, their team is available to assist customers every step of the way.

Compliance and Safety:

Uni-Ram understands the importance of compliance with industry regulations and safety standards. Their products are engineered to meet or exceed these requirements, providing peace of mind for users and ensuring a safe working environment.

Environmental Sustainability:

Many Uni-Ram products are designed with environmental sustainability in mind. For example, their solvent recyclers help businesses reduce their solvent consumption and minimize hazardous waste generation, contributing to a greener, more sustainable operation.

Stop of Common Issue and Knowledge

Q1.What is contaminated shop air?
A: Air containing moisture, liquid water, rust particles, and/or air compressor oil.

Q1a.Why is it bad?
A: Along with causing problems to our equipment, these pollutants can find their way into your next paint job.

Q2.How can compressor oil get into a gun washer?
A: The pistons inside an air compressor ride up and down on rings just as they do inside a car engine.

Over time, these rings(shown below) wear out.
As they wear, they will continue to lose their ability to seal properly.
When the wear becomes excessive, the compressor’s lubricating oil is allowed to escape into the shop’s compressed air, in a process called blow-by. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much oil to ruin a paint job, producing an effect called “fisheye”.

Q2a.How to fix the bad air?
A:There is a quick way to get an idea if you have bad air, you will need a connected airline with coupler, an air fitting, and white cloth.
Carefully insert the air fitting into the coupler, directing the outflow of air into the white cloth for a second. Examine the white cloth,
and look for the evidence of wetness, dirt, or oil stains.

A positive indication here means we have issues with our shop air supply. We recommend a compressor or air filter technician visit the shop and offer their opinion on corrective actions.

FAQs - Technical Issue About Uniram Products
Solvent Recycler
BB30N series
URS500 & 600 series
URS900 series
URS2000 series
CB70N series
DB100N series
DC100N series
Spray Gun Washer
Dustless Sanding Vacuums
Trash and Can Compactors
Part Washer
Portable Pumping Stations and Diaphragm Pumps

Uni-ram manufacturers of Environmentally Friendly Equipment at its factory and Head Office in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Uni-ram has distributors in North America and in over 20 countries. Relationships with many distributors exceed 25 years.
Uni-ram solvent recyclers are approved for use in North America to to UL and CSA standards and approved for other countries to ATEX and IECEX standards.

For more information on Uni-ram products. Our Product Specialist will be pleased to contact you with an answer to your question.

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