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The Uni-ram FP6500-3 Filter Pad is an essential accessory for maintaining the efficiency and performance of your spray gun cleaning systems. Designed to be compatible with UG2000D through UG7500E models, excluding the UG6000E, these high-quality filter pads provide reliable filtration for optimal equipment operation.


  • Number of Items: 3
  • Size: 13.75″ x 17.5″
  • Weight: 0.05 lbs each
  • Compatibility: UG2000D – UG7500E (excluding UG6000E)

These filter pads are crafted to ensure durability and effective filtration, making them an ideal choice for keeping your spray gun cleaners in top condition. With a package of three, you can easily maintain a clean and efficient system, extending the lifespan of your equipment and ensuring consistent performance.

Compatible With UG2000D – UG7500E (excluding UG6000E) Spray Gun Cleaners

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Weight 0.26 lbs

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