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The CB70N Solvent Recycler provides a shop with clean recycled solvent every day. Typical solvents include paint thinner, acetone and varsol. With a Uni-ram solvent recycler the shop’s environmental footprint shrinks and the shop saves money. Solvent purchases and the cost for used solvent transported off-site drop by approximately 90%.

The CB70N provides 16 GAL of clean recycled solvent from each recycling batch.

Capacities For Industrial Solvent Recyclers

BB30N CB70N DB100N
Capacity 5 GAL 16 GAL 20 GAL
Input 220-240V 220-240V 220-240V
Heating Element 2100 W 3400 W 3400 W



  • Distillation by vaporization and condensation.
  • Power Supply: 220-240V, 20A, 3400W heating element
  • Direct electric heating with no oil to change or refrigerant to service for lower maintenance.
  • Sophisticated solid-state microprocessor controls the work flow and continuously monitors operating parameters. Many built in safety programs. The computer display (LCD) shows the set point and real-time temperatures at the tank and condenser. Special features in the computer menu allow for:

1) lowering of the heater wattage to make the boiling phase less vigorous; this is important for low boiling point solvents such as acetone.

2) increasing the post heat time to make the solvent residue dryer thus increasing recycling efficiency.

  • The temperature set points can be adjusted precisely in one degree increments.
  • Complete self diagnostic system. Sensors monitor the operating system; Faults are described using messages in English for easy diagnostics.
  • Dual pump transfer system to pump dirty solvent directly into the distillation tank and pump clean recycled solvent from the recycler to a clean drum.
  • Automatic or timed shut off. (the operator specifies quantity of hours for timed shut-off.)


  • Outer cabinet, cover and lid are made from corrosion resistant 304 grade stainless steel for long life.
  • High efficiency condenser is air cooled by motor driven fan. Constructed from 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Complete with 3 heat resistant liner bags to capture residue, 2 lid gaskets and factory installed 240V explosion proof plug.


  • Vacuum Assist        P
  • Pneumatic Drum Mixer      M
  • Pat-Light with Buzzer            L
  • Rapid Tank Cooling                   A
  • Filter system for water recycling  W
  • Recycle solvent and water mixture G


  • Certified to UL safety standard 2208 and CSA standard 22.2 no. 30 and 88 by ETL for use with solvents in Class 1, Division 1, group D locations. UL2208, with many built in safety programs, UL2208 is the safety standard for solvent recyclers.
  • Additional safety features include the lid pressure relief system, safety cover and optional lid lock.


Do not recycle solvents that includes Nitrocellulose due to its low auto ignition temperature and Peroxides due to its thermal decomposition. Check the Safety Data Sheet of both the solvent and waste material for the presence of these 2 substances.


Turn the Timer to pump 16 gal of used solvent into the bag in the distillation tank. Press Start to turn on the heating element. The solvent vaporizes, travels through the condenser where it is cooled to a liquid by an electric fan and then flows into the receiving pail.  The residue that remains in the heat resistant liner bag is transferred to a waste drum for later disposal. Most residues including waste paint is disposed of as a hazardous material.

 Typical Applications

  • Reclaim lacquer thinners and acetone used to wash paint and debris from spray guns and other spray equipment.
  • Reclaim acetone used to clean equipment used in making fiberglass products.

Typical users:

  • Industrial Paint Shops, Fiberglass Fabricators, Printers and Metal Fabricators


  • a high-temperature liner bag, supplied as a 10-pack (part number LB2000E-10), is required for every recycling batch
  • A lid gasket is replaced at least once every 6 months. Part numbers are shown below.
Part Number Material
965-2150N Neoprene
965-2150V Viton
965-2150TE Teflon

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