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The following unique features of the UG6000 makes it a favorite with the professional painter.  The UG6000D Spray Gun Cleaner is constructed from 304 stainless steel for long life and easy cleaning. The wash tank is larger in order to clean spray guns,  small pressure pots and other tools. The unique clean solvent wand, operated by a foot pedal, distributes clean solvent to hard to reach locations including the fluid passage way of a spray gun.

Additional Features

  • Top loading. Cleans 2 spray guns in under 2 minutes.
  • Larger wash tank is constructed from stainless steel for longer life. The tank size is 20″ w x 17″ d x 14″h.
  • Washing is activated by a wash timer and powered by a long lasting dual diaphragm        Mounting adapters fit popular conventional cup systems and disposable cup systems to deliver  solvent to thoroughly wash the paint channel.
  • The flow of solvent through the brush is activated by a foot pedal and powered by a  2″ dual diaphragm pump. Flow is adjustable.
  • 14 swirl action jets deliver cleaning solvent to wash the outside of the spry guns.
  • Pump halts immediately, if the lid is raised during cleaning, to prevent exposure to solvent, providing a safe operation.
  • Stainless steel mesh filter keeps solvent cleaner and debris from reaching the diaphragm pump.
  • Plastic Cone prevents solvent from entering air passage way. Cone also provides positive air flow through air passage way to keep solvent entering at the cap.
  • Fume extraction automatically removes  solvent fumes from the work area when the lid is raised for a healthier work environment.
  • Closing drain valve located under cleaning tank prevents solvent spill when refilling wash pail.
  • Comes with one solvent wash pail inside cabinet, trigger clamps and SOPs.
  • CE Approved.


  • Place the spray gun on the mounting adapter in the cleaning tank and turn the automatic timer. A  4 inch diaphragm pump drives cleaning solvent up through 1) the mounting adapters to flush the paint channel of the spray  gun and 2) through 14 spray jets to  wash overspray from the outside of the gun. Solvent drains back into the customer supplied pail, for reuse, a green approach.
  • Press the air rinse button to flush the wash solvent and then press the clean rinse button to send 100 CC of clean solvent through the jets to rinse the spray guns. Two guns are cleaned in 2 minutes.

Additional Models:

  • Model, UG6000E, is a UG6000D with 2 E series pails for connection  to a Uni-ram solvent recycler.
  • Model UG6000H, is a UG6000D with capability to clean a pressure pot hose and pressure pot spray gun.
  • Model UG6000EH, is a UG6000E with capability to clean a pressure pot hose and pressure pot spray gun.

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