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UPS40DA Pumping Stations

Transfers liquid from one container to another.

Up to 11.9 gallons per minute.

Ideal for:

Dispensing liquid from an economical 55 gallon drum to a second container.


  • Powered by compressed air, requires a minimum of 60 PSI.
  • Mounts to a wall or rests on a table.
  • Valve at the discharge hose regulates the liquid flow.
  • Includes brass intake tube, ground strap, suction and dispensing hose.

Advantages of UPS40DA over a hand pump:

Hand pumps are prone to leaks and a short service life.

  • the reliable, long lasting UPS40DA does not leak and has a long service life. 2 year replacement warranty.
  • Less time to transfer liquid:
  • Hand pumps require manual pumping to transfer liquid. UPS40DA does not require manual pumping; simply turn on the pump, powered by compressed air, to transfer liquid.
  • Hand pumps need to be primed. Priming is not required with the UPS40DA.
  • The seals and components in hand pumps are often not made for solvents, and tend to leak quickly and retire early. The UPS40DA is designed for solvents and a  long service life.
  • The long output hose in the UPS40DA allows liquid to transfer directly from a drum to a gun cleaner or pail to help prevent lifting injuries. The dispensing ball valve allows the user to control the flow of liquid without spillage.

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